Texas Longhorns,  this magnificent creature. Stop by and visit Triple T Longhorn Ranch in Southlake Texas.  Drop by and check out Windwalker's  Dode, the main sire at the Ranch. And don't forget to visit the nursery

Take a minute to appreciate the regal, survivalist persona that the longhorns project. We invite you to look at our TL's and know that we offer diverse breeding foundations, options for purchasing, and always an opportunity to talk about our 'horns'!

The Thomas Ranch is family owned and operated since 1902, in Cochise County, Tombstone and Bisbee Arizona. Our website welcomes all visitors and gives a chance for everyone to Adopt-A-Cow, read about: The Cowboy, Does America need the Cowboy?, and several other informative pages. When you stop by Tombstone on your trip do not forget to stop bye and say, 'Howdy'!!!